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An enchanting land of pink sand and turquoise waters — discover that paradise is in fact a reality. Bermuda may be so British that the police are constables and the countries share a royal family, but the traditional Bermudan breakfast is codfish, potato and banana — yep, this island puts its own spin on tradition. Sail on Carnival's Bermuda cruises and you'll experience this unique cultural cocktail, along with a serious helping of natural beauty. This palette of an island, combining green hills, pastel-colored homes, and pink-sand beaches makes the perfect backdrop for world-class golf, glass-bottom boats, swimming with dolphins, mountain biking and shopping. And thanks to the mild, comfortable climate, tea time's an outdoor event, year-round. Treat yourself to a getaway that's both proper and perfectly relaxed when you choose one of Carnival's cruises to Bermuda.


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