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There are dozens of reasons to choose a Destination Wedding over staying at home-

Here are just a few to consider:

Relax :

Yes, it’s your wedding — but it’s also your vacation, so leave the details to onsite experts. Just ask Marsha-Ann Brown, Sandals Resorts’ director of romance, who leads a team of pre-travel planners ready to take charge of the to-do list. “Unlike your traditional couple who may have to speak to a florist, an entertainer, and a photographer, we make it a one-stop-shop,” she explains. Instead of stressing about centerpieces and marriage licenses, you can focus on more important things, like your guests (or your tan).


Often More Intimate :

Guests who travel will be those who are your closest (and often the most meaningful) friends and family members to both of you.

In a recent survey reported by Sandals, almost a third of people surveyed only kept in touch with 26 to 50% of their wedding guests after their big day. So do you really need to invite everyone?  You will have time to enjoy and relax with those who do travel to share the celebration with you.  Imagine relaxing on a beach chair or on a mountain top with your family and friends.


Amazing Value:

Often much less than hosting a wedding at home.  Many all-inclusive resorts offer so many inclusions at no additional cost just for booking your honeymoon.  The average wedding in the United States ranges from $19,000 to $33,000 ( according to the Wedding Report ) and does NOT include the honeymoon.  These costs are for a 6 hour reception.

Not giving much time to spend with family and friends and often postponing a honeymoon, with a destination wedding you can be spending much less and going from I Do's right into your honeymoon.

Amazing Photos and Settings:

What is your dream back drop ? Beach, Mountains, Italian City or French Country Side - there are amazing options around the world.  You can get married on Cruise Ships, Mountains and Beaches just to name a few ideas.  Whatever your passion we can help you design and plan the wedding and celebration of your dreams as well as handle the travel plans for your family and friends.

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