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Come experience the heart of Jamaica, the pulse of reggae, and the soul of luxury.

Experience a vacation paradise where awe-inclusive luxury makes beautiful harmony with laid-back Jamaican charm, and will bring a smile to your face for years to come.


For those wishing to book outside the Group 

For those wishing to book outside of the group – or not stay at the resort -  


Please advise the guests looking to book through third party sites that if they do so, they will not be granted access to any events the couple have planned for their wedding. So for example, if they have a welcome party, reception, or dinner rehearsal planned, they would instead have to pay in order to have access for these events, and this will undoubtedly mean that this will be more expensive for them in the long run.


Looking at it from this perspective, if they are traveling as a family of 3 or 4, they will have to pay the costs associated to each event per person.


Furthermore, any bookings made externally also do not count towards the couple’s group benefits either. ‘


Day Pass 

$210 per person and only access 1 hour before the wedding and ends with the event 

Dinners – buffet $70 – plated $105.00 ( 3 course ) and $114 for 4 course 

Cocktail  Hour $35.00 

So if book outside of the group it is $105 to join in per person  for the one event and also a fee to attend any of the other events 

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Moon Palace Jamaica 
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We want to keep you
as part of the group 

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